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Music Department
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"Let the whole earth sing to the Lord! Each day proclaim the good news that He saves" (1 Chronicles 16:23).

At Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy, it is our goal that students who are involved with any or all of the music groups, will leave PHAA with a knowledge of music and leadership that they will continue to use when performance opportunities are presented to them.

The purpose of our music courses is to introduce and develop music reading, techniques of singing, and instrument playing. We explore music from a wide variety of styles, cultures, and time periods. Students will refine their existing skills and add new skills to improve their current technique and musicianship. They will also learn about music theory and history, and how to express themselves musically in performances for our school, church and community.
The Music Department at Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy is comprised of the following performing groups: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Choir, Grades 3 through 6 Choir, Junior High Choir, Carillon (hand bell choir), Chamber Singers (select choir), Concert Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra and Saxophone Quintet.

The Carillon and Chamber Singers  perform once a month at different Bay Area churches affiliated with PHAA. All of the music groups perform twice a year for a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Once a year, the Concert Band and Concert Choir will be involved in Adjudications and/or Workshops. Workshop events allow the students to work under the direction of another professional musician. It is here that students will display their knowledge of music by performing musical selections they have never seen prior to this event. The purpose of the Adjudication is to allow students the opportunity to perform for a panel of 3 to 4 other music professionals. They will evaluate the band or choir from when the group enters the stage, listening to the performance and watching for stage presence of each student. During and after the performance, the panel gives positive feedback for improvement and gives a rating from “Unanimous Superior” to “Good”. This process also lends some validity to what we do as music teachers and serves as our “standardized test” for both band and choir.

Our Music Program has really grown under the direction of the following teachers. Each one has brought their special talent, experience and flexibility to the students at PHAA.

This year's music teachers are:
Esther Aviles (Music Director, Instrumental Director, String, Voice & Instrument Lessons) has taught choir, band, strings, hand bells and recorders at other Adventist schools. She has a vast array of experience with which we are being blessed. 
  • 3rd-8th Orchestra
  • 3-12 Choir
  • Ensembles (Violin, Woodwinds)
  • Hand Bells
  • String Lessons
  • Piano Lessons                

Mrs. Bonnie Mende (K-2 Choir Director, Piano and Voice Instructor) comes from a music teacher family and we are very thankful that she is sharing her special skills with us.
  • K-2 Choir
  • Piano Lessons
  • Voice Lessons